Massage Therapy

Massage therapy is an effective and relaxing service to help relieve stress. Regular treatments help alleviate tension, sore muscles, back pain and therefore improve your range of motion and sense of well being.

Massage therapy can lead to enhanced immunity by stimulating lymph flow and circulation. Overall it will improve anxiety and increase energy and concentration levels. Whether you are an expectant mother to be or athlete, our expert massage therapists will help you feel your best.


40 - 85

Improve mental / physical health. Increase blood circulation, mental and physical relaxation , decrease stress and muscle tension, and improve range of motion.

30 Minutes $40    60 Minutes $65    90 Minutes $85

Deep Tissue

55 -120

Slow, intense pressure to provide circulation to the deep layers of the muscle. Addresses muscle pain, stress, and stiffness. Slow, intense pressure provides circulation to deep layers of the muscle. releasing adhesions, rehydrating the tissue.

30 Minutes $55    60 Minutes $80    90 Minutes $120

Hot Stone

55 - 125

Rebalance your body with a therapeutic massage combined with hot stones. Water-heated basalt stones, absorb and retain heat. Implemented as an extension of the therapist's hands for deeply easing muscle tension and pain, insomnia, stress. 

30 Minutes $55    60 Minutes $85    90 Minutes $125

Warm Bamboo Fusion

55 - 125

Innovative technique for a luxurious deep, firm massage. Pre-warmed in an electric moist heating pad, polished bamboo sticks are rolled over muscles similar to stones. Implemented as an extension of the therapist's hands for deeply easing muscle tension and pain, insomnia, stress. 

30 Minutes $55    60 Minutes $85    90 Minutes $125

Sticks and Stones

85 - 125

Applying these artistic tools in waves, Warm Bamboo Fusion blended with Hot Stone is a unique creative experience.

Light, medium, firm pressure varies as a warming combination of your request or my intuition.

Licensed Massage Therapist: Debra

60 Minutes $85    90 min. $125

Prenatal Massage

45 - 70

Alleviate the discomforts of pregnancy. Improves circulation, reduces swelling in legs and ankles, relieves lower back pain and tension for the mother to be.

Licensed Massage Therapist: Dee

30 Minutes $45    60 Minutes $70


35 - 65

Method of stimulating life force through applied pressure on reflex points. Hand and/or foot massage that helps release energy blocks along the body's meridians by using pressure points correlating to areas of function to boost energy and immunity.

30 Minutes $35    60 Minutes $65

Foot and Hand Scrubs
additional service


Hot Steam Towel Hand and/or Foot Scrubs.
Biotone Micro-Buff Body Polish, ideal for sensitive skin. An infusion of Wheat, Apricot and Alpha-Hydroxy Lactic Acids gently refine and smooth skin. Biotone Cocoa-Comfort Massage Lotion with soothing Cocoa-Butter, Avocado Oils, Soy Oils and Aloe Vera.     Additional 15 minute service.

Chair Massage

$1/ minute.

Meet & Greet? ​​Allow us the honor of placing you in our schedule, an opportunity to meet your practitioner.

Chair massage is a more accessible form of massage therapy within a specially designed chair. Requires very little space, and can be performed in 10 -15 minutes with the client fully-clothed. Completely mobile for on-site events, patients, staff, colleagues. 

additional service


Aromatherapy, concentrated essence of one or more plants for therapeutic inhalation purpose. A customized blend of aromatic essential oils are used to reduce stress and encourage relaxation for the mind and body.